Alicia Patterson

Pet Bio 4: Willy

Willy came to our family out of the compassion we had. We hadnít planned on getting another dog, but my mom told a friend of hers she would go to the rescue and donate some money. When we got there, our hearts broke. There were dogs everywhere! One dog in particular, Willy, was extremely feisty. He did not stop barking the entire time we were there. The rescuer told us his story and how he was abused as a young dog. We fell in love with this little black dog, who just needed some love. He didnít stop barking until the day we put him down. He was a part of our family though and we loved him. He loved us just as much and we gave him the best life ever. He came busting in our house, and when he saw Jodi, there was a problem! Jodi was so mean to him at first. She used to steal his toys and hide them under her dog pillow. She used to eat his food and he was too scared to stop her. Finally one day she went to finish his food because she never turned down food, and her barked at her and she never tried it again! They became best friends, and kept each other great company while we were at school and work. Willy was a very old dog when we got him. He was always very stinky, and he could barely see or hear. We used to say he was like a crotchety old man. Though he only lived with us for about five years, we loved him very much. He got sick and we put him to sleep shortly after. Jodi also got sick and passed away a couple of years as well. By the time Jodi got sick, we had a new edition to the Patterson pets. George, the female cat, had moved in and stated her claim on the household!