Lauren Rock

I love these types of packages, it's like a theme in a bag almost. All of the pages in the package fit into the same genre.

This vibrant paper is the perfect way to display your spring time memories.

There are so many fun colors that you can use for any occasion in Spring.

In this pack of paper you get a variety of patterns and loads of bright colors that can remind you of the beautiful flowers that bloom during this wonderful season.

Tracy Watson has created the perfect pallet for all occasions: Polka Dots for little girls A citrus pattern for those wonderful picnics And then the bright colors that can be used for all of your other fun spring-time pictures…

So many options!!

There are so many opportunities to have a theme why not have a theme page? It is a great way to display birthday parties, favorite things, or a series of events. I like to use all of the amazing stickers and phrases that are in my favorite scrap booking stores to make the pages come to life.

There are also so many different papers that can be used, such as the pack to the left made by Tracy Watson. Paper packs like these make it very easy to stay with in a theme. Sometimes you don't even need an event to make a wonderful page.

Let's say you enjoy gardening and flowers. You could use this sticker set and some fun green or grassy paper to decorate the area around your favorite flowers or gardens.

It's a slippery slope to design in a theme. If you use too much decoration and too little picture, it could end up being a tacky disaster!

Don't you worry though, there is a way to make it perfect! What I do is lay out all the pictures I may use and figure out which ones will work best for the page I will be working on. Then I choose my paper. When the paper is glued down to the page, I figure out where I want my pictures to go and if I need to cut them.

After I glue them down, it is time to get out the stickers and other embellishments!

All you need to do is look for empty space. When you find that scrap booking void, fill it with the perfect sticker and your page will be wonderfully accented. This is a great way to give your pictures life. It will make you want to look at your pictures over, and over, and over, and over...well you get the point!