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Life After College: What College Seniors Should Know

It isn't always easy to plan for the future. For college seniors like myself, deciding what to do after graduation can be one of the toughest decisions to make. Fortunately for us, there is a lot of helpful advice and information in our reach.

While surfing the web one day I found that there are several websites that are shaped around the idea of "self-help" advice for viewers that wish to seek advice on anything from dieting and exercise, to relationships and home improvement. With this said, I have created a website that provides college seniors or as well as anyone else interested in exploring the what life has to offer after college and the steps one can take to prepare for what we refer to as "the real world". My website provides viewers with the following: a weekly letter, or little tidbit about life after college; news articles regarding to how one can prepare for entering into the working world and other related topics; job fairs and other career events; links to job-hunting websites, such as Monster and Career Builder; and finally, bloggs that college seniors as well as anyone else interested can post, that will offer their two sense about the grueling transition from college to the "real world".

Most of college seniors share at least some of the same apprehensions about graduating college and applying for jobs. That being the case, this website should give some insight to those who are unsure or weary of how to begin planning for this critical change. If nothing else, this website will provide a friendly reminder to all college students, that yes, there is life after this 4-year party we like to call college.

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