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Welcome to the Site!

This site is meant to help people looking for a pet to understand Boxers. Most people have alot of questions before purchasing a dog, and this site will help you figure out if a Boxer is the right breed for you!

Search the site to understand more about the breed, see photos, learn if it is the right breed for you, and review other sites. All this information will increase your knowledge about the breed.

Take a look around and get a feel for this unique, loving, and free spirited breed.

About the Site

This site is meant to help people research about boxers.

Often times people buy a pet, not knowing if it is the right type of dog for them. Too many dogs a year end up being bought a year and then given away because they were not the right match for the owner. This site is in hope that people will have enough knowledge about boxers before buying one.

Growing up with boxers I know how special the breed is. However, there are people that do not want a larger size dog that jumps alot. Boxers hold a very special place in my heart and they need an owner who will pay attention to them.

It is important reasearch this fun breed before buying one, so they have an idea of what to expect. If you have any other questions you can e-mail me at My hope is that less boxers get given away each year because people just found the breed to be too much for them.

Boxers are great pets. They are lvoing and protective.

They are unique and need nothing but love.